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Do Positive Self-Affirmations Really Work?

Self-affirmations have been popular since the 1920s. In fact, today you will be hard-pressed to find a psychologist, self-help guru, or coach that does not believe in them. However, can you really change your life for the better by practicing daily positive affirmation?

There are many ways in which positive self-affirmation can help you. Coaches have used the strategy to help their clients improve their health, finances, and even public speaking. The premise of daily affirmations is that if you repeat them over time, you convince yourself that they are true. Your self-esteem will improve when you repeatedly speak good things about yourself.

Proponents of positive self-affirmation indicate that practicing the habit influences how your brain works. You will end up accomplishing greater things by practicing positive self-affirmation than you would have on your own. The effects of positive daily affirmations has been studies by various psychologists and professionals in the academia.

According to the researches, people who practice self-affirmations are good problem-solvers and are not likely to suffer from stress. Practicing self-affirmation helps to improve your personal values. Improving your ideal personal values helps you to become a better problem solver.

For instance, research has shown that pupils who engage in self-affirmation are more likely to perform better in class than others. This is one of the many studies that indicate the importance of self-affirmation in molding problem-solving skills.

Self-Affirmation Can Help to Improve Your Life
Unlike what many people think, self-affirmation are not simply meant to help a person accomplish one goal. The practice is meant to help you design a life filled with gratitude and positivity. Positive self-affirmation is an ongoing process.

When you engage in positive self-affirmation on a frequent basis, you will be putting the building blocks of your character. One of the immediate benefits you will have is being more aware of y our daily thoughts and words. When you are aware of your thoughts, you will be able to stop negative thoughts from taking over. practicing self-affirmation on a regular basis helps to put your life in sync. The synchronicities encourages and motivates you to keep up with the positive practice.

Finally, you can get what you dream of in life when you practice self-affirmation consistently. It will be easy to realize your gifts and blessings when you consistently practice the affirmations. For instance, you will not be passed by small important things in life. For example, given the fast lives that we live, do you ever appreciate the good health you have? Majority of people go about their lives without appreciating the excellent health they have. Practicing positive self-affirmations helps you to remember and be thankful for these seemingly small but important gifts.

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