Comparing Influencer Marketing Companies for Instagram

Social media websites differ greatly in format, scope, and popularity. In a time when motivation and attention span are both declining, visual formats will fair better than those that rely heavily on written content. Combine those elements with the popularity of Instagram and business owners cannot afford to skip the opportunities available on Instagram.

Doing It Right

Taking full advantage of all capabilities requires time, talent, and creativity to develop and implement pages and campaigns. The goals are to gain as many followers as possible during each campaign and drive steady traffic to the business page. This cannot be done successfully by people who are busy operating a business.

Seek out experienced influencer marketing companies for Instagram and compare them to find one that suits the business goals, vision, expectations, and budgets. Knowing what to look for will be the key to this process. The first aspect to compare is the understanding of the difference between traditional marketing and influencer marketing.


One difference is the approach of reaching targeted audiences. Traditional marketing utilizes analytics, keywords, and performance indicators to capture attention. Influencer marketing strives to present information to targeted audiences in unexpected ways from different perspectives.

Where a traditional campaign will consist of guest posts on websites that are associated with the business products, an influencer campaign will include a link to shampoo products on a home and garden website. The placement of influencer marketing methods stands out and piques the curiosity of the people browsing various websites.

Compare Processes

It is critical to determine if one or two professionals will be handling Instagram pages and projects or if an entire team is used to design and implement stories, images, and videos. This aspect of the process will speak to the capabilities of the company and to the time commitment to the business interests. It will also have a direct affect on the cost of services.

Does the company educate owners on how influencer marketing works? Some will offer a vague explanation while others offer a free guide and a free strategy session to get owners started in this newer marketing concept. Hundreds of companies claim to be the best, but only comparison will help owners decide which one will work for their businesses.