Three Sought-After Accounting and Finance Jobs in Chicago Today

Some people enjoy working with numbers, particularly when those figures describe financial matters. Getting started with a rewarding career that focuses on such activities will often be a terrific option for a person who fits this description.

The accounting and finance jobs Chicago residents most often take involve many different activities that can be satisfying in their own distinctive ways. With many possibilities to consider, people who like numbers often find such positions especially appealing and suitable.

Many Ways to Turn a Love of Numbers Into a Great Career

There are hundreds of firms throughout Chicagoland on the cutting edge of their respective industries. In each and every case, businesses that are so successful rely heavily on the financial skills and capabilities of important employees. Some of the types of financially oriented positions that most often see Chicago residents regularly working with numbers include:

  • Tax analysts. Even with certain of their tax rates having recently been cut, businesses today inevitably seek to keep their related financial burdens as low as possible. Many sizable companies in the Chicago area maintain large teams of analysts who are always looking for ways to reduce tax bills while remaining strictly in compliance. Becoming a successful tax analyst will require understanding not just the relevant laws and regulations but also a wide range of applicable financial tools.
  • Financial systems analysts. Powerful, sophisticated software platforms of many kinds help enterprise-scale corporations remain organized and competitive. Analysts who focus on the financial implications of information collected and maintained in such systems contribute significantly to the successes of their employers.
  • Staff accountants. It can easily take decades to the rise to the top of any large organization’s accounting department. Rank-and-file staff accountants support more experienced peers in ways that almost always helpful and significant.

Chicago Area Recruiters are Ready to Help

Roles like these and others frequently prove attractive and rewarding to people who enjoy working with numbers. As so many companies depend heavily on the efforts of professionals who focus on such areas, acquiring the required education or training can easily be a great move. There is rarely a lack of demand for workers who have these kinds of skills.