Each AFC South team has had multiple division titles since Colts

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Since the Indianapolis Colts last won the AFC South title in 2014, every other team in the division has accomplished the feat at least twice.

It became an officially dire situation Saturday night when the Jacksonville Jaguars scooped up and clawed their way to a late-game win over the Tennessee Titans, clinching the division title and the No. 4 seed in the playoffs. Is.

Here’s how the division has broken down since the Colts last won the division title:

Weather Team Record

2014Indianapolis Colts11-5
2015Houston Texans9-7
2016Houston Texans9-7
2017Jacksonville Jaguars10-6
2018Houston Texans11-5
2019Houston Texans10-6
2020Tennessee Titans11-5
2021Tennessee Titans12-5
2022Jacksonville Jaguars9-8

Does this really change anything we already know about the team? Not necessary. But it’s a reminder of just how far the Colts have fallen from their past years of dominance.

Now the issue has become how the Colts will fix it. Owner Jim Irsay has become increasingly hands-off, and it hasn’t paid off over the past few months. How much he interferes this season could be the determining factor in how quickly the Colts can turn that around.

Along with finding a new head coach, and possibly a new general manager, the Colts need to find a stable quarterback option in the 2023 NFL Draft. To do this they must be located with the top-five picks available.

We’ll see what the off-season has in store for the Colts, but the fact that the Jaguars clinched the division on Saturday night shows just how far this franchise has fallen.

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