Manapuram Finance

Manappuram Finance

 Manappuram Finance is a non banking financial service company widely operating south india tamil nadu.the NBFC headquarters located in operate fee based service provider and also provide gold loan widely,especially provide unsecured credit to rural and semi urban middle class people.

Income segment

Mainly income come from gold loan segment but recent time expand the business model in various division major revenue come from tamil nadu, kerala ,karnataka,andhra pradesh

Expansion mode

Company think to expand business in and also reduce rise and diversified portfolio risk ,to concentrate on north india also ,to reduce risk and achieve successfully,60% branches in south india remain 40% branch in north side

Business segment

Concentrated on 5 segment 

1.Gold loan

2.vehicle finance

3.home loan advisory

5.micro finance

Revenue break of

60% revenue come from gold loan

40% revenue come from other segment

New business  model in manappuram finance

Doorstep lending,online gold loan contributed on 45% 

other physical branch concentrated in 55%

In This way company diversify the business model to achieve peak of gold loan and lending market to achieve the last quarter profit of 6749cr

Now company trading price to earning below 9 one of the value investing method