Walmart U.S | History & Facts 2024

Walmart has grown from small discount retailer in Rogers, Ark. to thousands of U.S. and international stores. Through innovation, we’re making online and in store shopping seamless for customers. We create opportunities and value for customers and communities worldwide. Walmart has 10,500 stores, clubs & eCommerce websites in 19 countries. We employ 2.1 million people worldwide, including nearly 1.6 million Americans.

Low Prices on Wide Selection Everyday, Anywhere

 strategy is based on Every Day Low Price [EDLP] &  price focus has never been stronger. Today’s customers want  one stop shopping. From grocery and entertainment to sporting goods and crafts, we offer wide selection that customers love on, in stores & through  mobile apps. We have three main U.S. store formats, each tailored to its neighborhood.

Working at Walmart

A Walmart job is career opportunity. More than 75% of  Walmart U.S. store operations management team started as hly employees & in FY2023, we promoted over 180000 associates to higher paying, more responsible jobs. Full  and part time U.S. hly workers earn over $17.50 per h. Discover  benefits and opportunities.

Customer tailored stores

Walmart stores in 50 states and Puerto Rico offer low prices on widest selection of products in Supercenter, Discount Store & Neighborhood Market formats.


Making Shopping Smooth

Since 1962, Walmart has transformed retail. We’ve kept trying to integrate technology into retail to improve consumers’ shopping experiences. Walmart has lot of products. But as customers shop across digital and physical storefronts, we’ve made it easier to find what you need. Curbside Pickup, Mobile Scan & Go & many other apps are helping customers save time and money while reimagining digital and physical shopping.

We are one of world’s largest brick and mortar retailers and fastest growing e commerce companies. With 90% of U.S. population within 10 miles of  stores, we can combine  physical locations with  e commerce business to offer unprecedented convenience.  experience lets customers shop anytime, anywhere & get what they want when they want it.

Maintaining Customer Connection offers various features to meet needs of connected customers. This is part of  promise to provide convenience at lowest price, regardless of shopping method. Here are some ways we save customers time and money:

  • Walmart app offers convenient services such as Walmart Pay, Mobile Express Returns, prescription refills & same day grocery pickup.
  • Use y phone to shop and checkout in store with Mobile Scan & Go.
  • Online to store curbside pickup.
  • NextDay Delivery: Many markets offer fast, free shipping on orders over $35.
  • Walmart+ is membership program that offers both in store and online benefits.
  • Walmart GoLocal is delivery service offered by Walmart to businesses of all sizes.

Built for Better is an online shopping destination that helps customers find and purchase products that are environmentally friendly and beneficial.

Supply Chain & Distribution Centers

Walmart’s 210 distribution centers are  business hubs.  world class distribution network serves stores, clubs & direct delivery. Walmart has over 11000 drivers, 9000 tractors & 80000 trailers.

  • distribution center network delivers general merchandise, dry groceries & other specialty items daily.
  • Six strategically placed disaster distribution centers across country are stocked to quickly assist disaster stricken communities.
  • Each distribution center is over 1 million square feet and employs 600+ people to unload and ship 200 trailers daily.
  • All distribution centers serve 90–100 stores within 150+ miles.

We’re developing ways to bring products to shelves faster and simplify warehouse work for  employees. System optimization and supply chain transformation have been  Symbotic partnership since 2017. This technology sorts, stores, retrieves & packs freight onto pallets. But it also allows us to train  employees to use it, giving them new skills and preparing them for future jobs. We also launched high tech consolidation center in Colton, California, to handle three times more volume. Technology is transforming  work and leading  business into future.

 Fulfillment Chain

 customers simply tap their screen. What happens behind scenes? In summary, lot of people, efficient e commerce fulfillment campuses, world class transportation fleet & magic. With cutting edge systems and unmatched scale, we can serve customers quickly and offer more options for delivery shipping to their homes or free pick up at local stores.

  •  new e commerce fulfillment centers can ship millions of items.
  •  fulfillment centers are strategically located across U.S. to provide fast, efficient ground shipping to U.S. customers.
  • Each fulfillment center is tailored to its location. Hurricane resistant 62 dock doors at  Davenport, Florida fulfillment center can withstand 120 mph winds.


Walmart uses private fleet of trucks and skilled truck drivers to move goods between distribution centers. We believe  drivers are best. This fleet is one of largest and safest, driving 1.1 billion miles annually to deliver millions of items to  stores and clubs. Annually, drivers average 100000 miles like driving around world f times!

We work with  truck drivers to move goods responsibly and sustainably. Drivers minimize “empty miles” by taking most efficient routes. We use less fuel, drive fewer miles & deliver more merchandise while reducing  environmental impact.

Walmart International

Walmart helps people save and live better. Walmart International delivers value and convenience to millions of customers in 19 countries outside U.S.

We can see connections others can’t and bring innovations to market that make customers’ lives easier due to  global perspective. With equity investments, we’re building strategic partnerships to support  core businesses.

We aim to build strong Walmart powered local businesses that grow company,  partners &  stakeholders.

Walmart International has over 5,100 stores and 550000 employees. Walmart Global Scing sells apparel, homeware, jewelry, hardlines & more from manufacturers worldwide. To maintain Walmart’s reputation as world’s most trusted retailer, Global Scing audits suppliers and works with them through Walmart Responsible Scing Program to meet Walmart’s high standards.


  • Africa
  • Canada
  • Central America
  • Chile
  • China
  • India
  • Mexico

Equity markets we invest in:


Brazil In March 2021, Carref Brazil, Advent International & Walmart agreed to acquire Grupo BIG. Walmart and Advent will own 5.6% of Carref Brazil after $1.2 billion cash and stock deal with Grupo BIG. After entering Brazil in 1996, Walmart opened Walmart Stores, Sam’s Clubs & acquired Hyper and Maxxi. Advent International bought 80% of Walmart Brazil in 2018, leaving Walmart with 20%. Grupo BIG is Brazil’s third largest food retailer.


Walmart invests in Japan’s Seiyu retail group since 2002. We increased  stake to 100% in 2008 to accelerate Seiyu’s growth as leading omnichannel retailer, meeting or exceeding market share, customer satisfaction, associate engagement & financial performance goals before announcing new ownership structure in November 2020. Seiyu is owned by KKR [65%], Rakuten [20%] & Walmart [15%]. This lets it accelerate its digital transformation and build stronger local business by leveraging three partners’ retail expertise and innovation.


The UK Walmart agreed to sell Asda to British private equity firm TDR Capital backed entrepreneurs Mohsin and Zuber Issa in October 2020. Under new ownership structure, Issa brothers and TDR Capital are acquiring majority stake in Asda with equal shares. Walmart will retain an equity stake, commercial relationship & board seat. British ownership will accelerate Asda’s low price strategy. Walmart bought Asda in 1999.