Buffalo Blizzard Memory: National Guard In The Streets [VIDEO]

By: educationgrow

The Bison and Western New York area is subject to a Snow Forecast. Snow and wind are making travel unimaginable and not changing from Friday to Sunday.

The biggest problem would be flying and floating ice. Things are about to get furious as we look to turn the tide decisively and take the temperature with it.

From over 50s to young in no time! The status of the season, Bum Typhoon, he's looking at officially here in Bison territory.

Who is evolved enough to remember the last two or three snowstorms and significant storms?

I was brought into the world in 1977, the same year that rocked the region, bringing bison off the charts with a snow storm.

Piles of snow and flying and sleet show up in basically every picture you see of that year's snow storm.

Several other lakes were hit by storms a second time in 1985.

This storm has been anticipated as a "generational" type storm, and several theories have been cited.

Be that as it may, the memories of the 1977 blizzard are still force fields to the extreme in the Bison District, and scenes like the video below are probably about to rise again here in western New York soon.